DSS Lab was founded in 1999 by Erik Thomsen and George Spofford, two internationally recognized pioneers in business intelligence 'BI', and decision support systems 'DSS' (also called performance management).

Our mission is to make best use of available technologies to provide our clients with long lasting information solutions they can trust. If the right technology exists off the shelf, we use it. If we need to work with different pieces of technology to solve our client's problem, we do so. And if a needed technology doesn't exist, we will try to invent it, or reach into our network for those who can. Which is why we are heavily invested in research and collaboration. These days we are very involved in the cognitive problems of interpretation, representation, belief management and analysis.

And we remain extremely passionate- as we have been for over twenty years- in the domain of sustainability or Corporate Social Responsability 'CSR' which we believe would benefit significantly from smarter and more powerful information systems.